Nutrition with Frida Ronge

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Nutrition with Frida Ronge

Frida Ronge. Age: 31. ”Rising Star of the Year” in 2013. Formerly Executive Chef at vRÅ in Gothenburg and Råkultur. Currently at the creative helm of the Unn and TAK restaurants in Stockholm as Culinary Director, plus Executive Chef at the latter. Awarded with a silver medal at ”Seven Sushi Samurai” in 2009. Awarded with the Karin Fransson Mentor award in 2014 at the Chef of the Year event. Tastemaker of the Year 2017 and Innovator of the Year 2017 at Restauranggalan.

Balancing her life as a Culinary Director. With yoga. And surf.
Frida grew up in Gothenburg, a city where Sweden’s largest fish auction still starts at 6:30 five days per week. Her family were fishmongers, which likely helped her shape her own philosophy on cooking; in short, the Japanese kitchen meets the Nordic cuisine, albeit in a more sustainable and health oriented fashion than usual. The same ideas are also present in her cookbook ”Raw Like Sushi”, launched in spring 2017.

Frida on herself:
– Since I took my very first wave in Mexico, I have a special place in my heart for surfing. The mentality, the lifestyle and the friendships formed on water. A while later, I discovered yoga; a deeply emotional experience which also helped me to evolve as a person. I think you need to become your own best friend to accept and appreciate what is going on around you.

For Frida this is reflected in her job as a Culinary Director, where she finds herself on one hand developing new menus and courses, sticking to concepts and ideas, and at the same time remaining in connection with thoughts about sustainability and the planet:
– Respect for the environment, humans and animals alike, the produce and the ingredients… all this is of the highest importance to me. And to adapt to what nature has to offer you right then, right there.