Surfing with Freddie

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Surfing with Freddie

Freddie Meadows. Age: 29. Sweden’s only full-time professional surfer. Member of the Swedish National Surf Team since 2004. Finished 5th in the European Junior Championships 2006. Winner Swedish Championships 2006. Winner Scandinavian Open 2007. Finished 13th in the Eurosurf Championships 2017. If such results matter to you, that is.

My goal is to enhance your ocean experience. Regardless of your surfing level.
For beginners and advanced surfers alike, I want to share with you all the philosophical, technical and ocean knowledge I’ve gathered from my twelve years on the road amongst the world’s best.

We will provide you with ocean awareness; how to read waves, how to understand them and how to work with them. We will provide you with the techniques that will help you to catch your very first wave. We will help you find the tools to improve your skills and abilities.

I was 13 years old when I caught my first proper wave. From that very day, I knew that I had found a purpose; something to design my life around. And I have seen exactly the same thing happen to so many people. So, here’s a fair word of warning: Prepare yourself to return home somewhat changed.