You will stay in a casa

  • Freddie Meadows Getaway

The Casas

They are called Blue Zones, because there is where people live longest of all. This is due to meaningful exercise, lack of stress, engagement in spirituality and enjoying a mainly plant based diet. Casas Capitan sits in the heart of one of our world’s five Blue Zones.

Casa Capitan

Stretching out from the airy living room are two wings, each holding four rooms. In front of the communal area lies our kidney-shaped pool; tucked underneath the lush almond trees. The walk from the pool area to the beach is as magnificent now as it was 15 years ago when we bought the property. Even more so at night when lit up by lanterns, hanging from the canopy. At the end of our palm alleyway, you’ll find one of our three swing sofas; my favorite place for morning surf checks.

Casa Dewa

Think of it as the successful marriage between a Indonesian Gladak and a Viking Longhouse. Colossal ironwood pillars carry a beautiful 300 year old teak structure, which stands upon a polished white stone floor. With roughly twenty steps from the deck to the beach; you will be amongst the surf whenever it turns on. There are hammocks where you most want them and there are hidden daybeds . There is naturally a yoga rancho and a pool.



It’s worth pointing out that we have lightning-fast WiFi, should you ever need it. All rooms have AC. We have modern and fully equipped kitchen areas. High thread Egyptian cotton comes as standard. Each suite has an outdoor shower and its own private garden with a daybed… And from here, the images will do the talking.