Yoga with Johanna

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Yoga with Johanna

Johanna Ljunggren. Age: 43. Yoga practitioner for 19 years; blogger at ”Naturligt Snygg”; publisher of the fanzine ”Sauvage” and a widely acclaimed communicator of her own concept Detoxlife, creating a following of students who seek her out wherever she teaches.

Everyday life is defined by schedules, meetings and to-do lists. When this happens, breathing becomes shallow and we find our shoulders positioned in the wrong place; at ear-level.
So, we create moments of challenge and adventure on the yoga mat. We create awareness of what happens physically and mentally when breathing is lost.
Johanna’s aim is to give the practitioner tools in life for those days when there’s no access to the mat. Yoga must not create bad conscience or dependency but instead give you freedom to move.

– I understand surfing to be like meditation; to connect to the rhythm of nature and with the outmost respect of the surroundings. The spirit of surfing has so much in common with yoga.

Johanna on Getaways.
– A getaway is a separation of yourself from your everyday life. To see things and yourself from a different perspective. To date, I’ve never found a retreat that actually cares for all the aspects we have as humans. Through this getaway, guests will a experience a calmness and improved health paired with a playful and vibrant take on life. A combination that I have so often felt was missing.